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  • Capture the suns warmth by opening curtains during the day and closing them before it gets dark
  • Keep doors, curtains and blinds closed in heated rooms
  • Place heaters away from windows
  • Use the thermostat and timer on your heaters so they automatically turn on and off as required
  • Dont heat rooms you're not using
  • Unplug unused appliances or switch them off at the wall. Even standby mode uses energy
  • Seal off draughts
  • Use a sensor light so if no one is in the room light turn off automatically
  • Turn down the thermostat for the hot water to reduce the heating of the unit

  • Only switch on a full dishwasher and use the economy cycle
  • If your dishwasher can generate its own hot water, use this function - it's more efficient than using hot water from your HWS
  • Defrost food naturally instead of using the microwave
  • Use a microwave or toaster instead of the oven or stovetop whenever you can
  • Avoid opening oven doors too often - each time you do the temperature drops by up to 15C
  • Fridges and freezers operate most efficiently when they're full but not overloaded
  • Set your freezer at -18C and your fridge between 2C and 5C for greatest efficiency
  • Leave space around the back of your fridge or freezer for air to circulate
  • Avoid placing your fridge or freezer next to your oven or stove, or in direct sunlight
  • Use cold water for the kettle

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