With the increasing cost of electricity, saving energy in your home has never been more important. There are a number of things that we can all do that won't cost any money to implement.

By following these top energy saving tips, the average home can save around $300 per year doing simple things at no cost or low cost, and  save almost three tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions in the process.

1.  Install a AAA showerhead - save up to $100 per year

2.  Get rid of that old second fridge - save up to $200 per year
3.  Use energy efficient light bulbs (CFLs) - save up to $50 per year

4.  Switch off lights - save around $25 per year

5.  If you are a little cold put on a jumper before turning the heater on - save around $50 per year

6.  Close doors, cover windows, and minimise draughts - save around $50 per year

7.  Wash clothes in cold water - save around $40 per year

8.  Use the clothesline whenever the sun shines - save up to $40 per year
9. Turn off your appliances in standby mode - save up to $50 per year
10. Put the pool pump on a timer to only run for a desired amount of time.- save up to $75 per year

11. Turn off your computers if you are not using them - save up to $50 per year

12. Use energy efficient rated applicances - save up to $100 per year

13. Have lights on sensors so they dont get left on. ie WIR, Hallways, outdoors - save around $50 per year

14. When purchasing new appliances check they have a low energy rating.

15. Adjust your hotwater service setting so it doesnt heat water unneccessarly.

Energy Saving Tips
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